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Breakthroughs and More

Doctor with Mammography

Splenectomy does not offer immunological benefits in ABO-incompatible liver transplantation with a preoperative rituximab


  Transplantation. 2012;93(1):99-105

Management of ABO-incompatible living-donor liver transplantation: past and present trends.


Surgery Today. S. 2011;41(3):317-22

Doctor on a Computer
Doctor Taking Notes

"Inherent limitations" in donors: control matched study of consequences following a right hepatectomy for living donation and benign liver lesions. 


Annals of surgery.2012;255(3):528-33.

Surgical approach to prevent small-for-size syndrome in recipient after left lobe adult-LDLT. 


Surgery today, 44(7), 1189-1196

Doctor with Files
Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Laparoscopic Left Lateral Resection Is Gold Standard for Benign Liver Lesion: Control Matched Study. 


HPB.2014, 16 (2): 183-187

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